8 Social Media Mistakes That Will Affect Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience and build a community. However, making mistakes on social media can negatively impact engagement and hinder growth.

In this post, we will discuss some common social media mistakes and provide tips for avoiding them to boost engagement. From not having a clear brand voice to ignoring audience feedback, these mistakes can be easily avoided with the right strategies in place.

By implementing the tips provided in this post, you can increase engagement and grow your social media marketing in India.

1 Not Enough Posts

Here’s the thing: Through your article, people interact with your brand. Therefore, do not expect people to interact with you if you do not update frequently enough.

After all, your followers won’t see anything if you don’t post anything.

However, how many posts would be sufficient?

You can do this once per day or more than once each day. This will rely on the results of your social media analytics. It will reveal the times of day when your followers are most active, letting you know when to post.

If you don’t have enough information to know when to post, we advise starting once a day. Then pay particular attention to when you get likes, comments, and shares quickly versus when they come slowly.

On the other hand, you ought to avoid posting excessively. Your followers may become enraged and click the unlike or unfollow button as a result.

2. Not Making Use of Stories

Both Facebook and Instagram have a feature called a Story. Another way to share status in a time-limited and transient video format is through this.

Additionally, a recent study on Facebook Story revealed that it might help boost the platform’s dropping engagement.

What’s best? Use Facebook or Instagram Stories to their full potential for promotional and non-promotional content.

As a result, you should begin brainstorming and investigating content ideas that you may broadcast via Facebook or Instagram Stories.

3 not utilising visuals

Produce arresting visual material if you want your followers to stop scrolling on their feed as soon as they notice your post. It could be a movie, GIF, or image.

One reason is that Facebook and Twitter prefer content with visual elements. You have no option because Instagram and Pinterest are both visual platforms.

Posting images or videos, however, is insufficient. It ought to be interesting. It’s simple to overlook the use of cheesy stock photographs, cluttered drawings, and dark imagery. They probably excite the curiosity of your followers.

You should participate in your photo shoot as much as possible. If you plan to use stock photos, make sure the pictures will appeal to your audience. To enhance the quality of your photos, try free photo editing programmes like Canva, VSCO, and Lightroom.

4. Not Identifying Your Audience’s

Because you neglected the “social” aspect of social media, people are not engaging with your material.

Keep in mind that the purpose of such platforms is to facilitate interpersonal communication. As a result, you ought to interact with your audience through social media.

You should think about two things before doing that:

(a) Demographics

Demographics are the crucial general information about your target audience. Age range, gender, educational attainment, locality, occupation, and other factors are included.

When producing content for social media, keep your audience in mind. This is due to the possibility that what appeals to a single woman in her 30s–35s would not do so for a married woman in the same age bracket.

(b) Content Type

The content itself has a bearing on how much or little engagement your social media post receives.

Take that into account if you see that one type of content is receiving more engagement than others. It might imply that people favour that kind of information.

The process of locating and comprehending your target market may seem laborious. Consequently, you want to work with a social media marketing agency. Simply entering “SMO services India” into Google will do the trick.

5. Ignoring your community

In related to the prior point, the absence of social media engagement is a result of your lack of participation. Simple actions like sharing the post on your personal account, answering comments, and so on can suffice.

Be aware that Facebook prefers articles with high engagement. The more engagement a post receives, the more likely it is to show up in the feed of your followers.

Spend 30 to 60 minutes interacting with your community on social media if you are in charge of running your company’s social media accounts. Every time your company is tagged, respond to comments and join the discussion.

When someone posts a derogatory review of your goods or services on social media, you can also take the time to provide customer service. By doing this, you demonstrate your commitment to giving your clients outstanding service.

6. Not Making Use of Groups

Speaking of communities, starting groups is a great way to develop one around your brand.

You may, for instance, set up a group for the social media influencers you want to collaborate with.

Another illustration is to start a community for your ideal clients. From there, you may share only that information with them or let them know first about anything that your company is working on.

You can conduct market research using social media groups as well.

Take use of Facebook or LinkedIn groups for whatever reason you have. Don’t forget to notify your group if you released a big announcement on your company page. This is because group sharing of content will inevitably increase engagement.

As was already known, the algorithm prefers material with a high level of engagement.

7.Not using social media advertisements

Here’s the thing: If people are unaware of your brand, you cannot create a community around it. And social media advertisements are a genius method to raise brand recognition.

Undoubtedly, you will need to pay for this. However, this can be your most economical marketing expenditure.

This is due to the fact that creating parameters for your target market is a need for running social media advertisements. By doing this, you can be sure that your adverts will only be seen by those who are considering what you have to offer.

Higher engagement, conversion, and sales may result from this.

But bear in mind that your advertisements must follow the social network’s rules. If not, your advertisements will be rejected and your efforts will be in nothing.

8.Avoid using hashtags

You can organise your social media information using hashtags. This increases the discoverability of your postings. After all, a tonne of content is posted every day on social media networks.

The more the interaction you can produce, the more people will find your content via hashtags. Therefore, if you’re planning a successful social media marketing campaign, you should have a hashtag strategy.


Remember that the original purpose of social media was to foster friendships. As a result, this notion ought to be the foundation of your marketing plan.

This entails identifying, comprehending, and adding value to your audience. This will motivate people to interact with your material on social media.

Keep in mind: Exposure can result from engagement. Your audience will grow as more people like, share, and comment on your social media posts.

This may have a knock-on impact that broadens your market and increases your revenue.

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